Ashley & Zach’s Maine State Park Engagement Session

Hello everyone!

Spring may not quite have made its way up here to Maine just yet, but it’s definitely on its way! I got to enjoy the (slightly) warmer weather and some pretty blooms with Ashley and Zach recently for their engagement photos at Vaughan Woods State Park right here in South Berwick, Maine. Vaughan Woods has been a go-to location for me for a while now, but Ashley and Zach were actually my first couples session there, and it was so fun to explore all of the different landscapes the park has to offer with them.

Ashley was one of my first seniors a few years ago, and is now my SECOND senior-turned-bride! It’s been so fun to work with her and Shelby, my other senior-turned-bride, and watch them transition from high school, to relationships, to #wifelife. Ashley was actually a bridesmaid in Shelby’s wedding as well, so this was my third time photographing her, and it never gets old! Her red hair is my dream come true!

These two were so sweet, carefree, and fun to be around. Their wedding day is coming up this August, and I’m so excited to continue to watch their story unfold over the upcoming weeks, months, and years as they grow together.







Thanks for looking,

Sarah ❤



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