Introducing: the Hangout Sessions

Hi, Friends! I’m excited to announce the newest type of sessions that I am offering – the hangout sessions. ❤


These sessions are exactly what the name implies – invite me along on your adventures with your friends, and let me take some fun photos along the way! These sessions can be whatever you and your bff’s want them to be – informal or styled, indoors or outside, and definitely both silly and sweet.


Here are the details: the sessions will be one hour of shooting, one location, and one to two outfits per person. They will be similar to a senior portrait shoot, just a little more fun because you’re with friends! You can bring between one and four friends (for a total of two to five). The cost for a session is $250, due on the day of the shoot.


Whatever it is that you and your squad do for fun, I want to shoot it! Coffee dates at Flight? Pizza at South Berwick House of or La Festa? Strolling the streets of Downtown Portsmouth? Chillin in your jammies? Anything goes! I’ll also be suggest locations and ideas for your shoot if you need some ideas. 🙂


And while I will definitely get some shots of you all looking like models…


… I’ll make sure your personalities shine through too. 🙂



I can’t WAIT to shoot more of these sessions! While senior photos are always fun, I think these sessions can be even more special. They will give you photos of what you will always remember anyways – the normal (but perfect) days with your friends, doing what you love.

To book your hangout session, you can contact me directly through my CONTACT PAGE on my website!

Also, shoutout to Ellie, Jordyn, and Abi for being the first ones to book a hangout session before they were even a real thing. Love you kids! ❤

Happy Friday, and thanks for looking!



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